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Glorieta Battlefield Sample Letter

(cut and paste into your own message; mail to the address below or email to gov@gov.state.nm.us )

The Honorable Gary E. Johnson
Governor of New Mexico
State Capitol, Suite 400
Santa Fe, NM 87503

Dear Governor Johnson:

I am writing to first thank you for your March 2000 proclamation establishing the "Battle of Glorieta Pass Days." Located within Pecos National Historical Park, Glorieta Battlefield has been called "the Gettysburg of the West" and is one of New Mexico's (and the nation's) historic and cultural treasures that should be preserved.

I am also writing with a concern, because I understand that the State of New Mexico has proposed to widen NM 50. I urge you to consider an alternative route for the widening of this highway, because the plan as it now stands would destroy Glorieta Battlefield. Already impacted by roads cutting through the battlefield, the park is already considered unsafe and is practically closed to visitors.

The 1997 General Management Plan for Pecos National Historical Park correctly concluded that "Widening NM 50 through the Glorieta unit and the associated traffic, noise, and fumes would adversely affect a historic structure, potential archaeological resources, and the cultural landscape. The combined impacts of this action would threaten the overall integrity of this historic site and would eliminate the opportunity for the National Park Service to effectively interpret the significance of this site to the public." (Pecos Draft GMP, p. 120).

I urge you to direct the State Highways and Transportation Department to resume the Environmental Impact Statement for the relocation of NM 50.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your written response.


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